The Ultimate Act of Love

The Ultimate Act of Love

With Valentine’s Day coming up, most people are planning the perfect gift for their loved ones – chocolates, roses and fancy meals. Call us crazy, but we think making sure you have a solid estate plan in place is the ultimate act of love.

Seriously, did you know that three in five American adults do not have a will? The same survey also showed that nearly three in 10 Americans don’t even know if their parents have a will in place. Honestly, these statistics are very concerning but not surprising.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we want to share four reasons why estate planning is really an act of love:

1. You take out the guesswork and protect your loved ones. If you don’t have an estate plan in place, the state determines what happens with everything you own – and more than likely, it’s not what you want. From bank accounts and life insurance to your house and car, your estate is everything you own. Developing an estate plan ensures that YOU decide what happens to these assets and makes sure that your loved ones get exactly what you want.

2. Lack of planning could cause a major burden. With no plan – or the wrong plan – in place, loved ones end up battling in probate for anywhere from six to nine months and paying a substantial financial burden for lawyers’ fees and court costs.

3. Nothing gets lost. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that individuals from age 18 to 52 will hold an average of 12.3 jobs. Chances are several of those jobs have retirement accounts attached to them. Would your loved ones even know what accounts you have in place if something happened? Estate planning ensures that all your assets are listed in one central location.

4. This is likely one of the most substantial financial gifts you’ll give them. When you start adding your estate’s worth, you’d be surprised how quickly the number starts to rise. It’s important to protect your loved ones when they receive such a gift. A trust will offer protection of the assets from concerns like lawsuits and divorce.

We certainly aren’t saying to skip the flowers altogether, but consider setting your loved ones up for future success as an added gift this Valentine’s Day.

Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in.

Schedule a 15-minute consultation with us today to see how we can help you prepare a comprehensive estate plan. We will walk you through your options and help you determine what is best for your specific situation. Our plans offer a lifetime relationship with no hourly billing and an integral approach.

But if you know you’re ready to get started on protecting your loved ones, your best next step is to schedule a complimentary 2-hour Family Wealth Planning Session with us. Not only with it be the start of getting a plan in place that protects, but if you book in the month of Feburary, you will receive a $50 to Norwood’s Restaurant & Treehouse Bar when you book online in Feburary with the promo code ‘VIVEAMORE’. Click here to book now.

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