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The unpredictability of life reminds us that health challenges—stemming from aging, unexpected accidents, or sudden illnesses—can affect anyone’s ability to make decisions when least expected.

It’s essential to have a comprehensive plan ready to protect you and your loved ones if you face a mental or physical disability.

When is the right time to start planning for disability or incapacity?

You might think it’s either too late or too soon to think about what happens if you can’t make decisions for yourself, but the truth is, there’s no wrong time to start planning.

Life can throw curveballs. Whether it’s an accident or a sudden health issue, anyone can find themselves in a spot where they can’t speak or take care of themselves.

Planning for these “what if” situations means thinking ahead about what could happen and making plans that fit your life and needs.

Our team is ready to help you look at all the possibilities and make safe choices for you and your family.

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What does your future hold?

There are many paths to the future you want.

Here are some disability planning tools we often use to help you achieve those goals:

Don’t let uncertainty shape your future.

Contact us today for personalized disability planning options ensuring your peace of mind is protected.

Understanding Living Wills and Medical Power of Attorney

Do you need both?

Talking about future medical care can be tough. However, it’s crucial to ensure your wishes are followed if you can’t speak for yourself.

At de Jesus Law Group, we guide you through creating a living will and selecting a trusted person to make medical decisions for you if needed.

A living will lets you outline your medical preferences in advance, including treatments you want or don’t want.

In addition to your living will, you can appoint a medical power of attorney to make health decisions on your behalf. It’s essential to choose someone willing and informed about your health preferences.

Since these documents serve different purposes, having both is advisable. Informing your doctor and family about them is important. Keeping a note in your purse or wallet about their location can be helpful in emergencies.

We are dedicated to helping you establish these documents, providing peace of mind that your healthcare wishes will be honored.

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What's the difference between incapacity and disability?

Even though incapacity and disability are often used interchangeably, they mean different things.

Incapacity is when someone has trouble making decisions because of mental decline or illness. Disability is when someone has trouble doing regular activities because of physical limitations.

Both can make life tough, but they affect different parts of a person’s life.

But planning for either one is about protecting your life and what you own. It’s making sure that even if something unexpected happens, your wishes and your stuff are safe.

This planning isn’t just a backup plan; it’s like a promise that whatever happens, your dreams for the future won’t be stopped.

Take the first step in protecting your family’s future in the face of incapacity and disability.
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Why you should think about incapacity & disability planning now.

Planning early has its benefits – kind of like how saving money early gives you more in the long run.

Here’s why it’s a good idea:

Looking After Your Family

No parent wants to think about not being there for their kids.
With incapacity planning, you can choose who will look after your children, elderly family members, pets, and anyone else who depends on you.

Managing Your Money

What if something happens and you can't handle your bills anymore?
Planning ahead means someone you trust can keep everything running smoothly, like paying the mortgage or credit card bills.

Making Health Decisions

In Florida, there are rules about healthcare when you're really sick, but you might have your own wishes about treatments like life support.
You can pick someone to make those big decisions if you can't.

Making Healthcare Wishes Clear

By planning now, you can make sure everyone knows exactly what you want for your medical care.
That way, there’s no confusion if you get seriously ill.

Tackle life's unpredictability.

If you’re searching for that ideal future but unsure where to begin, our experienced DeLand and Florida-based team is here to help.

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