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Sep 14

5 Strategies For Establishing Boundaries With Clients

By de Jesus Law Group

Do you feel obligated to check work emails, texts, and voicemails at all hours? Do you often work weekends and holidays, even after you promised yourself you wouldn’t? Do you feel pressured to say yes to pushy clients because it’s easier than saying no? Do you feel resentful of clients for placing unreasonable demands on your time? If you […]

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Sep 07

4 Legal Agreements No Startup Should Be Without

By de Jesus Law Group

When starting a new business, putting the appropriate legal agreements in place is crucial for protecting your key assets and relationships. Yet it’s common for many new business owners to put off—or even entirely overlook—creating such agreements. You might not even know which documents are most needed.The following 4 agreements are among the most essential […]

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